The Sacred Sound Healing System Review

Many people around the world find that they can have no peace and rest from the troubling emotions in their minds, and their hearts are filled with turmoil as they go about their day. It can be hard to find a solution for dealing with mental and emotional problems, but music has been used as a key to The Sacred Sound Healing System Review hearts, bodies, and minds for thousands of years.

The Sacred Sound Healing System

One of the first instances of this The Sacred Sound Healing System Program Review is found in the Bible, in the book of 1 Kings. King Saul of Israel is troubled, though each translation of the Bible cites a different cause of his trouble. However, it requires the soothing music of the young shepherd boy, David, to soothe the king and give him peace. Only when David is playing his harp can the king sleep, and King Saul actually brings David to his court to play and provide him with peace.

Music has a powerful effect on emotions, and anyone looking for healing with music of mind and body would do well to consider music as an effective solution. Music is known to provide soothing for humans from the moment they are born, as the soothing sounds and rhythms of music reminds babies of their mother’s heart beat and the movement of the amniotic fluid. Infants automatically feel relaxed when they are listening to soothing music, and music only has a more powerful effect on each of us as we age.

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The fact of the matter is that music has a powerful effect on each human:

  • Music soothes the soul and removes the mind from its troubles, taking it far away to bask in the comfort and peace of the melody and lyrics.
  • Music relaxes a stressed and troubled mind and body, and provides the human mind with an escape from reality.
  • Music actually has been known to have healing properties, as a resting heart may beat in time with the music being played to help promote healthy circulation and blood flow for healing.

Music has many amazing properties, and you will find that the music that you are listening to has a direct effect on how you feel. When you listen to heavy metal, you will find that your heartbeat speeds up and everything happens much faster. When you listen to techno music, the world around you fades and you have a much better focus. When you listen to classical music, the chord progressions open your mind and you find that your mind is free to think.

Healing with music is one of the most effective of the alternative therapy treatments, particularly for those with mental or learning disabilities. Music can have an amazing effect in lowering blood pressure, helping the heart to beat more steadily, combat back pain, overcome fatigue, reduce the need for antidepressants, and even help to improve cognitive functions.

Music is a tool that has been created for one single purpose: to move the emotions of the person listening. Some music is designed to incite people to buy, incite people to action, incite people to violence, or incite romantic feelings in the heart. Music is created with a purpose, and finding the right music that has been created for the purpose of sound healing can provide those in need of emotional, mental, and physical healing with an alternative treatment.

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Everyone is familiar with the idea that music can affect our emotion & moods. After all, what would Star Wars be like without the sound track?

However, did you know that music and sound can actually decrease your blood pressure, slow your breathing & heartbeat and take your brain waves from active to alpha, as if you were meditating?

We know what a great health benefit it is to reduce stress, and using music and sound to help you do this is a fun, powerful and effective way to enhance your health and improve your energy. In fact, sound and music can help you shift from one state of energy to another, from feeling tired and depressed, to feeling more energetic and happier.

The Sacred Sound Healing System Audio, even in its simplest form, such as a single tone sung at the proper frequency, can effect change in our bodies. Scientists believe this is possible because our bodies are made up of about 80% water and water is a major conductor of sound. If sound helps the cellular activity move toward greater order, the body can do its own job much more effectively.

More complex music affects us on a mental and emotional level because it is acting on the nervous system, specifically, the parts of our brain responsible for emotion, memory and non-verbal communication. Hospitals and clinics today use sound to heal when a patient is lowered into a water tank and ultrasound waves are aimed at kidney stones until they dissolve.

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You don’t need your own ultrasound equipment to use this powerful tool, just your voice and your ears. To experience the power of sound healing try this simple exercise the next time you have pain or feel stressed out.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes. Take 3 deep breaths, breathing slowly, in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Now choose your intention such as “peaceful and calm,” “able to move with ease,” or “completely relaxed.” Close your eyes, if you like.

While you hold that intention clearly in mind, just begin to sing any note that feels good, on a vowel sound, like “AH,” “OH,” or “OO.” Imagine the sound is going directly to the place in your body where you feel the most pain, tension or “stuck energy.” Keep singing (toning) the vowel sound, while holding your intention in mind, for at least 3 minutes – no cheating; use a timer if you have to!

It may feel odd at first, to just start singing a note; try to think of it as an experiment though, and don’t get attached to whatever the results might be. Have fun with it, and trust that your own higher wisdom knows exactly what to do.

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Sound Healing is a great tool for healing loss and grief. On the other side of the healing is inspiration and joy. There is a profession called sound healing. Sounds and tones are used to heal emotions and restore you to balance.

When I use the term, I use it in a broader definition. Sound can be anything from Rock and Roll to opera to crystal bowls and chanting. This is an area to discover what works for you, what music stirs your soul, helps you to feel and release.

You may be someone who connects to classical music and a particular composer or orchestra within classical music. You may be grieving and find yourself listening to a rock and roll song from your youth. That memory could be an inspiration to turn up the volume and belt out the song. It could be the music and words you need in this moment to heal!

Some of the songs I have used to heal:

Patti LaBelle-Her song “New Attitude”was the song that helped me heal the divorce from my first husband. I would turn up the volume and sing and dance in the kitchen. It helped me to reclaim my personal power.

Jason Mraz – The song, “Make it Mine” was the music I sang throughout the day when I was selling my house and preparing to move across the country. It helped me to release the roles that died with my husband.

The Sacred Sound Healing System Customer Review

John Denver- “Perhaps Love” has helped me grieve my husband and open my heart to feel love and compassion.

Nick Jonas- “A little Bit Longer” is a song I listen to when I feel like I am a failure because things haven’t moved forward in my life.It gives me the courage to be patient and listen.

YouTube videos are an amazing resource for discovering music. Search on an artist, a topic or a song title.

You can create a radio station by selecting an artist or a song. Pandora then selects songs in that genre. It is an internet based company with a free service and additional services you can purchase. I have listened to this for years for FREE.

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Whatever you are guided to listen to, know that there is a frequency of sound that is charging the central nervous system, the cortex of the brain and your heart. It is working on your physical body to bring harmony to your mind-body-spirit connection.

Several really talented sound healers are:

Jonathan Goldman, Steven Halpern, and Tom Kenyon

Jonathan Goldman has a book called Healing Sounds. In his book, he describes 5 levels of listening.

1. The first level involves hearing.

2. A second level involves expanding your perception of the sound spectrum.

3. A third level involves imagination

4. A fourth level involves becoming one with the sound.

5. A fifth level is silence.

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Music and sound can open your heart to help bring forth the tears or anger or other emotions of loss. It can help you to reclaim your personal power. It can give you courage and hope and joy.

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