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“I am successful”, “I am a wonderful person”, “I will find love again”, and many other similar phrases that students, heartfelt and disgruntled employees can repeat over and over, in hope. To change their lives. Through the ages ranging from The Positive of Positive Thinking to The Secret by Norman Vincent Peel, Self Help Books has encouraged people with low self-esteem to make positive statements or affirmations.

What is BioEnergy Code?

New research suggests that it can cause more harm than good for many people.

Canadian researcher at the University of Waterloo at the University of New Brunswick, Drs. Joan Wood and her colleagues, who recently published their research in the Journal of Bioenergy Code Psychological Science, concluded that “repetition of positive self-reports may benefit some people, such as those with high self-esteem, but on those Retreats that need it most. “

Researchers called people with low self-esteem to say “I am a kind person.” They then measured the participants’ moods and their feelings about themselves. Later the low honor group felt worse than others who did not. However, people Bioenergy Code with high self-esteem felt better after repeating the positive statement – but only slightly. Psychologists then asked participants to list negative and positive thoughts about themselves. He found, ironically, that people with low self-esteem were in a better mood when they were allowed to think negative thoughts when they were asked to focus only on positive thoughts.

Who is the creator?

Researchers suggest that, like excessive positive praise, improperly positive self-statements, such as “I fully accept myself”, may provoke conflicting views in individuals with low self-esteem. When positive self-statements conflict with self-perception, researchers say, there is not just simple resistance, but a strengthening of self-perception. For example, those who see themselves as unattainable find this statement so unbelievable that it reinforces their own negative view rather than reversing it.

These findings were supported by previous research published in the Journal of Social Psychology in 1994, which showed that when people receive comments that they are very positive, they actually feel worse, not better.

The BioEnergy Code: What do I think about it?

Dr. Wood goes even further. In her blog Psychology Today, she states that most self-help books advocating positive affirmation can be based on good intentions or personal experience, but Bioenergy Code are rarely based on an IoT of evidence. Scientists. She cites psychologist Sonja Husomirsky’s How to Happiness as an exception.

Does this mean that positive affirmations have no value. Dr. Not according to Wood and his co-researchers. They say that positive confirmation can help when they are part of a larger intervention program. This intervention can take many forms such as working with a coach specializing in cognitive psychiatry or behavioral science. Bioenergy Code type of intervention is best for making positive affirmations most effective?

This is where we face even more controversy.

Dr. Traditional cognitive psychotherapy may not be the best intervention according to Steven Hayes, the famous psychiatrist and author of Get Out of Your Mind and Out of Your Life. Hess advocates a different view in the world of psychiatry.

In a Time magazine article, John describes the work of Claude Hayes. Hayes and researchers Marsha Leelan and Robert Kohlenberg of the University of Washington, and Zindel Segal of the University of Toronto, what we might call “Third Wave Psychologists” focus less on how to manipulate content than our thoughts (on cognitive psychiatry Focus) and more on how to change context – to change the way we see thoughts and feelings so that they do not control our behavior. While cognitive therapists speak of “cognitive errors” and “distorted interpretations”, Hayes and colleagues encourage meditation, the meditation-inspired practice of looking at ideas without attention – imagine the thoughts of either a leaf or a canoe. A canoe floats along.

BioEnergy Code review: My experience

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Self-help through meditation can bring a person’s image to the lotus position with closed eyes and palms pointing upward, with the thumb and index finger straight, possibly reflecting spiritual wisdom. , Seemingly strange ritualistic behaviors, and unusual breathing exercises.

However, as a relaxing or stretching position and breathing exercises are one of the many methods used to achieve a meditative state and spiritual enlightenment is a popular goal of many meditators, it is not really is. By no means is the only Bioenergy Code method of meditation or personal development. As with many other methods, self-improvement meditation has countless advantages.

New technological discoveries reveal simple ways to achieve what is the first required years of training or total commitment to mental focus and discipline to achieve self-help results that are easily achieved in a few weeks or some time can go Bioenergy Code. Months rather than years of total surrender.

Every great achievement, invention, work of art, scientific discovery or anything else that requires intensive use of talent or focus has been brought in as some meditation. Similarly, any personal improvement requires any individual improvement to achieve, set, and achieve goals with a specific intended outcome.

The Pros of BioEnergy Code

Meditation, by definition, includes; Plan in mind; Deep and continuous thoughts; Critical reflection on sacred matters as an act of devotion; A self-guided practice to calm the body and calm the mind; Or targeted mental practice of mental, physical or spiritual talents or abilities.

The Cons of BioEnergy Code

Until recent discoveries in neuroscience, quantum mechanics and quantum physics, meditation was primarily associated with certain religious practices, mental practitioners, and martial arts. Now, meditation is fast becoming more mainstream with new scientific evidence, proving that thought is something that produces energy Bioenergy Code can interact with other energies, substances, or thoughts of other people , Which can allow anyone to develop new self-improvement abilities. Were not previously available.

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