The 30 Day Gut Reset Program Review

Back in January, at the very beginning of 2019, I was in a very hopeless place. My husband and I weren’t talking. I was depressed, drowning in wine to avoid my anxiety and heartache from not being able to fix the situation. I was sinking fast, as I stopped caring about myself entirely.

The 30 Day Gut Reset:

I had only enough energy left to function enough at work and to take care of my kids. It was all a solid struggle. Then one day, I looked over at the bright lights glowing from the LA Fitness sign, as I was taking my son to karate, and drove straight over to sign up for a membership at the gym, which was a move that would bring me back to life.
In January, early 2019, I was in a very desperate place. My husband and I weren’t talking. I was depressed, drowning in wine to avoid my anxiety and pain at not being able to fix the situation. I was sinking fast as I stopped caring about myself completely.
I only had enough energy left to function enough at work and take care of my children. It has been a solid fight. Then one day, I saw the bright lights of the LA Fitness sign, while taking my son to karate, and I went straight to join the gym, which would bring me back. Live.

The 30 Day Gut Reset Program Review

Since that day, I have been through many other struggles. My husband moved out and the house decided to collapse. I spent all my savings on a massive septic repair, after it was stored in my basement.
The contractors I hired to fix this mess were a nightmare. My sweet dog, Stanley, was quarantined by animal control because an incompetent contractor randomly sent a worker to my house without warning me, and the guy walked through my fenced yard while I was at work and claimed to have been bitten. for my dog.
I had to go to court twice, but it was eventually rejected. I found myself in court to finalize my divorce. The only thing that remained constant during the turbulence was working out at the gym.Working grounded me and energized me. The focus I put on my fitness goals never wavered amid the curveballs life threw at me. This Christmas, one of the gifts I received for my children was a spring break trip to Cancun. I dedicated myself to the gym, having only 3 months to prepare my bikini.
I stopped drinking wine, started taking care of myself again, and with the encouragement and support of my coach, I quickly lost weight in depression and felt better and better about myself. . Once Cancun was in and out, I kept going to the gym and exercising, but I lost all concentration and after a few months I didn’t feel like my workouts were taking me to zero. Let’s go.

The 30 Day Gut Reset by Lexie Ward

I realized what I was missing when I showed up for a session with my coach about a month ago, and she pushed my stomach up. She asked me, “What’s going on there?” I was gaining weight and it showed! I immediately realized that I was spinning my wheels and not working towards any achievable goal.
When I go to the gym to work out just to exercise, it doesn’t have the same impact as focusing on a goal and seeing results.
It was Thanksgiving so I thought it was a great time for a The 30 Day Gut Reset weight loss challenge! Who is trying to lose weight while on vacation? I make. I wanted to end 2019 with the best version of myself I could achieve, far from where I started in January as a depressed, soon-divorced person who caught the glow of the gym lights in her watery eyes.I was determined to end 2019 on a high note, and these are the results of my The 30 Day Gut Reset Ebook.

The 30 Day Gut Reset Book

Goals for the The 30 Day Gut Reset Program Ebook PDF: Lose 15-20 pounds and> 5% body fat.
The 30 Day Gut Reset Program: Keep calorie intake between 1800-2000, 50% protein, 30% carbohydrates, 20% fat. I tracked my nutrition with the MyFitnessPal app. I have also tried to keep my sodium intake low, reduce my intake of dairy products, and cut out alcohol.
The 30 Day Gut Reset Program: A The 30 Day Gut Reset requires vigilance and consistency! It is not for the faint of heart. If you don’t give it your all in The 30 Day Gut Reset Book, you better not challenge yourself. So my exercise program may seem overkill, but if I only have The 30 Day Gut Reset Program, I have to do whatever it takes to give myself a chance to make it happen.

My coach, Nicky, kept all my personal workouts in a training journal. We focus on resistance and strength training to build lean muscle to replace fat. In The 30 Day Gut Reset Program, I only had 4 days without training. Otherwise, I trained with Nicky for about 45 minutes over 20 days, working specific muscle groups every day. On other days, I would do 90 minutes of hot yoga or burn at least 400 calories while doing cardio (hint: track your calorie burn with an activity tracker or fitness app). Some days I doubled my cardio and personal training. It looked like this:

The 30 Day Gut Reset PDF

The 30 Day Gut Reset Results: I DID NOT meet my goals. But I got results. I lost 5 pounds, 2% body fat, and dramatically lost 2.5 inches in my waist and 3 inches around my chest.
Even with daily training and nutrition tracking, The 30 Day Gut Reset was not enough time to lose an ambitious 15-20 pounds and 5% body fat. In reality, we need at least 3-4 more months to get there, while still coming back to training 3 days a week.
A The 30 Day Gut Reset Program goal should exceed your expectations, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t. You’re still better off than when you started, and you have a clear idea of ​​what it will really take to do the rest.

In the The 30 Day Gut Reset Program that have passed since this fitness trip, I have restored good eating habits by following my macros. I improved my sleep habits, thanks to regular physical activity but also because I had to be well rested to get through each day! I stopped having my glass of wine to relax, as these were calories I couldn’t afford.
Takeaways from The 30 Day Gut Reset by Lexie Ward:
Set high expectations, but don’t be disappointed with realistic results
Challenges are a great way to stay motivated! You know it’s going to be over, which pushes you towards a finish line.

The 30 Day Gut Reset Free Download

Challenges help break down bad habits by keeping you focused on success.
More than a fitness challenge
Overall, The 30 Day Gut Reset by Lexie Ward had a huge impact beyond fitness, helping me become more productive and focused in my creative and professional pursuits. I started writing again and dug through the pile of books I intended to read. It helped me activate where I had slacked off and forced me to function with this high level of discipline.
I started writing early in the morning and posted ten articles on Medium. Since getting kicked off, I have set myself a goal of reaching 1000 views in The 30 Day Gut Reset, and I have surpassed that target, reaching 1114 views, 481 reads, 45 subscribers and 40 fans in under The 30 Day Gut Reset Program on the platform. I launched my website, a dormant intention for years now. I started to value and promote my work and started a serious effort to establish myself as a writer.

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I challenged myself to feel comfortable with the video. People use video all over social media, but I’ve always been too embarrassed to go. Part of my writing effort was to overcome this camera shyness. An online presence requires multimedia production. I forced myself to record these workouts on video to introduce myself to the world of video and video editing. With each video, I felt more comfortable in front of the camera and decent enough to edit video.

What I enjoyed most about all the challenges that were inspired by my fitness challenge were the tons of fun along the way! The inspiration that comes from each achievement feeds on itself, nourishing even more inspiration to reach new heights.
With a new decade looming, I’m off to a good start in 2020; high expectations, discipline and I’m grateful to have come so far from where I started. Cheers.

This challenge has gone so well that you can count on more challenges to come. Until then, enjoy a video interview between me and my amazing trainer, Nicky, where we discuss the results of this The 30 Day Gut Reset Program and her professional opinion on how it went and where we are going. And if you’ve ever considered getting a personal trainer, here’s why you should!

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