Manifestation Sigil Book Review

Created by: Michael Christianson

Bonuses: Yes

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In all of our lives, we get into a point where we have to reflect on ourselves especially when problems seem to overwhelm us. During this time, we try as much as possible to maintain a steady mind so that situations do not overpower us. We sit and evaluate our purpose in life and how we can achieve our dreams. However, sometimes, situations have so much power over our mind that we end up suffering because we are unable to think straight and keep a focused mind. However, there is a way you can re-wire your brain and make your brain focus on achieving your life goals. Well, there is a program known as Manifestation Sigil. This program can help you build a clear and focused mind and enable you to manifest your life desires.

This program takes a systematic approach to clear your mind so that you can think straight and focus on achieving your goals or you can say things that matter in your life. The program brings abundance by helping you manifest your dreams. Techniques explained in this program will help you make your dreams and aspirations a reality. It also reduces negativity and distractions thereby giving a perspective in your life. If you are interested in learning more about this program, here is my detailed review of Manifestation Sigil Review created by Michael Christianson.

What is Manifestation Sigil?

Created by Michael Christianson, who is a 37-year-old 4th standard dropout, “Manifestation Sigil” is an exception manifestation tool that helps in rewiring your subconscious mind using a series of audio tracks designed using brainwave technology. Listening to these tracks can help you in getting rid of self-limiting beliefs and blocks in your mind so that can you can reach your full potential and manifest whatever you desire.

It’s quite simple to use actually. All you need to do is listen to these tracks for 15 minutes every day for at least 21 days and you will notice the drastic change in your life.

Michael Christianson said, there is nothing mystical about audio tracks in the package. These tracks have a specific frequency called the theta waves. Speaking to the subconscious mind takes a lot of efforts however theta waves, on the other hand, are meant to speak to the subconscious mind quite effortlessly. Theta waves also called “The Editor” and it opens the mind for reprogramming.

As per Mr. Michael Christianson, the reality is composed of a sub-atomic particle and the theta wave represents the possibility. But what makes this possibility a reality is your attention or awareness. “The Editor” controls your attention, but unfortunately, it inclines to think negatively.

The good news is the audio tracks in the “Manifestation Sigil System” can make your subconscious mind focus its awareness on what you desire and want to manifest into reality.

To be precise, the system comes up with three powerful tracks:

Track 1 — Your Natural State

This original track helps you connect the subconscious mind so that it can experience an overwhelming abundance of positive thoughts. It helps you focus on your dreams and visualize how rich, successful, and happy you will be once you achieve your goals. Once you visualize your future, you will be motivated to do anything to achieve your dreams because you have an idea of how you will be. The tracks keep distractions, negative thoughts, and limiting beliefs at bay to ensure your process of manifestation is not interfered with.

Track 2: Your New Story

After eliminating the limiting blocks, this track triggers your subconscious part of the brain to enable you to see life differently. It is meant to help your brain rise above the negative thoughts that might be hindering you from achieving your full potential. It enables you to visualize your future and show you the path to reach there. Again, you will visualize and imagine yourself as a successful person who has achieved your dream. This will motivate you to look for new opportunities and pursue them so that you can achieve the dreams you visualized.

Track 3: Moving Towards Abundance

To achieve your goals, you will need to be confident, and this track will help to build confidence in you. It will enable you to be dedicated to your goal of getting wealth in abundance. It builds confidence in your ability and talents. You will understand that you have the potential to make it in life.

These three tracks will help you visualize your future and enable you to see yourself as a successful person with an abundance of wealth, peace of mind, and happiness.

Bonus Track

The “Manifestation Sigil” package also comes up with a bonus track which is called the “Deep Sleep Now”. It is a 15-minute audio track designed using delta brain frequency. Delta frequency is deep sleep frequency and this track will allow you to relax and get the most amazing sleep.

Click Here for More Information About The Manifestation Sigil Program and The Audio Tracks That You Will Find Inside!

Now, let’s discuss the pros and cons of the program:

Pros of Manifestation Sigil:

1. Less Time-Consuming

Listening to these tracks is quite convenient and won’t take much of your time. All you need is 15 minutes from your 24 hours in a day. You can listen to these tracks wherever you find it comfortable. There is no hard and fast rule that you should listen to a particular environment.

2. Backed by Medical Journals

If you start digging the Internet about brain plasticity and how sound frequencies affect the brain, you will be amazed by the findings. In this decade itself, our scientist has found out more about our brain functionality than past generations.

3. Get Rid of Self-Limiting Beliefs

Michael Christianson’s Manifestation Sigil program could help your brain getting rid of negative beliefs that you store overtime since childhood. This is scientifically proven and doable. Once you remove these self-limiting beliefs, you would be able to pursue whatever you want without any fear and live a life of your dream.

4. Easy to Understand

You might have seen hundreds of manifestation programs to date and I’m sure most of them you find overwhelming. So complicated and unpractical. Compare to all those programs, Manifestation Sigil is way easier to understand and implement.

5. Value-Oriented Bonus

According to, over 70 million Americans suffer from disorders of sleep and wakefulness. The “Deep Sleep Now” bonus is designed to help you get better sleep using delta wave frequency to get an amazing and quality sleep.

6 365-Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

Michael Christianson has so much confidence in this program that he is giving a 365-days money-back guarantee. For 365 days you can use the program and in case you are not satisfied, you can claim for a full refund.

Cons of Manifestation Sigil:

1. Not a Quick Fix

As mentioned earlier it is something you need to do consistently. Now, some people can see the results in very few days however, the majority of people might have to wait longer, like 21 days to experience significant results. Michael Christianson made very clear, the longer and more consistently you listen to these audio tracks, the more mind-blowing and amazing results you would see.

2. Available In Digital Format Only

The program is available in only digital format which means you cannot buy it from your local music or book store. You need a computer and reliable internet to download the program. In case you have slow internet and prefer a physical copy, this might be not for you.


To be honest I believe Michael Christianson’s Manifestation Sigil and a unique and quite interesting manifestation program. Such programs are rare in this segment.

Based on my online research, it seems like this system can truly help you to remove mental blocks stopping you from living the life you always desired.

In addition, there is a lot of scientific evidence that suggests it is completely possible to rewire your brain using neuroplasticity and listening to sound waves of certain frequencies. You don’t need any prior experience to benefits from this program.

Of course, no program is 100% perfect and every program comes up with certain cons. If you really want to see a significant change in your life, you need to be consistent for 21 days or more. Keep your expectations at reasonable levels.

To sum it up, if you are craving for a better life, or want to get rid of your mental blocks, then you should give this program a try. Considering today’s lifestyle where people are usually busy with their work and family, this program is quite versatile as it requires you to keep aside 15 minutes only which is absolutely possible.

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, Michael Christianson is offering a 60-day money-back guarantee so it’s a comfortable and safe purchase option.

I hope you find this information helpful. I wish you success, wonderful health, and happiness 😊

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