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Donald Trump Coin Review

Silver is currently called the new gold. Why? Because when gold prices go up, as they have recently, investors want cheaper options. Money is therefore called poor man’s gold.

Sales of coins and bullion have been so strong – American Mint is now rationing American Eagle coins – dealers say they can’t meet demand from small investors.

What is Donald Trump Coin?

Financial experts believe that the world’s current economic problems will worsen. Those who study financial trends are urging the public to convert their paper money into tangible assets. The feeling is that sooner or later material assets win out over paper.

Experts think silver is like touching the sky once again, like in the 70s. After that, an ounce of silver was north of $ 1.00. It maintains growth and growth of over $ 47.00 for a percentage of over 3500%! At the time of this writing, an ounce of silver stands at just over $ 17, an increase of over 30% this year. I read that analysts expect to raise over $ 50.00 an ounce over the next 2 quarters. Wow!

How to Buy Donald Trump Coin 2020?

Here is the fact. The world is running out of money. It is used in world currencies, jewelry, medical industry, clothing, photography, electronics, solar power, water purification, silverware, nuclear power plants, etc.

How is silver different from gold? To put it simply, money is a consumable, it gets used to. For the most part, there is no real or synthetic material that can be used in place of silver. We cannot live without it.

More than 90% of the silver extracted is used for industrial purposes.

According to the law of supply and demand, when the supply of a commodity or material decreases while demand increases, the price of that material increases dramatically.

Few Americans know that it became law in 2002 that the government should buy money back from the public when the US silver reserve fell below a certain level.

Gold and Silver Plated Donald Trump Coin Review

If you read the Section 2594 or Section 2 approval of the American Eagle Silver Bullion Program Act, you will see Congress has found it

(1) American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin dominates the global market and is the largest and most popular silver coin program in the United States;

(2) Founded in 1927, the American Eagle Silver Bullion program is the most successful silver bullion program in the world;

(3) From fiscal 1959 to fiscal 2001, the American Eagle Silver Bullion program generated $ 24,100,000 in revenue and substantial profits to reduce the national debt;

(4) In view of the reduction in silver reserves in the stockpile of strategic and critical materials of the Defense Logistics Agency, it is necessary for the Treasury Department to obtain money from other sources to preserve the American Eagle Silver Bullion program.

In short, the American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin plays a vital role in the economy of our country. The government cannot stop making them because the profits have drastically reduced the national debt.

In addition to the American Eagle silver coin collection, sales of numismatic collector coins have also increased significantly. Harry Newton, Editor-in-Chief of Technology Investor Publication, writes: “Interesting times! We are seeing a lot of movement in currencies and collective and investment coins, especially high quality coins. Prices have gone up d ‘about 35% this year. Quantity. ” 200% in. For higher class values ​​Proof 65 and above and Mint States MS 65 and above there is sufficient demand with record prices, we understand that investors hold real cash dollars or hard assets like coins. currency that others are more comfortable with. The currency has remained and is a frequent daily step of these in rigid ownership. “

Not all American Silver Eagles are Mint State (MS) flagged and graded coins. Only about 10% are MS-70. Unlike bullion coins, which are valued only on the basis of their silver weight, the value of a digital silver coin is determined by several factors: its rarity, the number of coins originally mined, the history, age and status of the piece. .

Numismatic coins are bought and sold in the coin, with no regard for the value of money today. Numismatic coins are valued for their beauty, historical significance, and potential investment value. Therefore, digital coins sell for a significant premium on their int content.

The more things change, the more they stay. What history lessons could we learn from Donald in the 90s and what was that?

Flashback – In 1990 Donald Trump faced some difficult decisions. This is all narrated in his book The Art of the Comeback.

Here are the main lessons we can learn from Donald’s story in difficult times

  1. Don’t panic – One of the most important things is to not let your own mind take advantage of you and sabotage you. There is always a way out, sometimes you can’t see it properly. When your brain is in a state of panic or fear, you will not see the most obvious solution and sometimes it takes into consideration someone else to help you overcome the obstacle or overcome it.

In 1990, when Donald found himself in the midst of an economic downturn (similar to what we are experiencing today, he went to bankers and bought himself. He was a creditor and refused to make an offer.

  1. Find a plan to move from this temporary state to a better one.

See if you can chat more time. He quickly decided to approach the banks because he knew that if he did, he would benefit first. Donald is decisive and once he makes a decision he moves quickly to seize the opportunity and execute. Trump adopted a mantra in 1990, it was … STAY ALIVE UNTIL 1995. He knew that real estate worked in cycles and if it could move on to the next cycle then he would be able to withstand this recession.

Borrow more and give yourself time so that the market situation can improve and at the same time you do not have to sell your assets at the price of the seller. When you are famous as Donald, everyone knows when you are in trouble and he knew that he should take a big discount on any sale, and so he wanted to stop this from happening.

Now, he not only imagined asking for more time, but he also asked banks to lend him more money. $ 65 million to be exact so it can stay there. I’ll also show you a way to find money in the next article (not $ 65 million but a fair amount)

  1. Learn from your mistakes –

Trump freely admits that he spent a lot of time chasing beauty pageants and Marla Maples in the country and looked away from his business, vowing never to do so and re-build a bigger and more prosperous empire before and Is now A TV star other than a real estate mogul

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Keep your morale up.

Your height is largely determined by your point of view. Donald coined the phrase to survive until ’95 and vowed to throw in the towel to do whatever was not necessary and to declare personal bankruptcy. This unbreakable sense of optimism and success are two characteristics that make Trump the man they are and may be the qualities we learn from them.

Bonus tip – Trump went into the casino business not knowing that the house always wins and it was a big cash flow business. He learned and researched the market and built a successful casino business

Now, for those of us who need to make some money now and can’t go to the banks and borrow $ 65 million dollars like Donald, check out my free report and find out what you can do Now to start making money online quickly and easily.

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